The vinAmité PostIssue 10 - Nov 13 November in the Vineyard. Greetings to all our vinAmité wine enthusiasts and Private Club Members! Our vineyard has been harvested of its tasty grapes; its leaves are quickly turning colour, falling to the vineyard floor and setting the tone of the vineyard till Spring’s rebirth. The last of our vineyard’s grapes, the estate Cabernet Sauvignon, was hand-picked in the third week of October, bringing an end to this 2017 vintage, now fermenting away in our winery and crush pad next to the Chardonnay block. Continued demand resulted in sold out 2015 Pinot Gris, which led us to ‘soft release’ our 2016 vintage with its subtle touch of oak weeks ago in the last days of October. We recently sold out our 2015 Compass red blend and the 2015 Petit Verdot. We now have six wines available for you (See below). We’ll release the 2016 vintages of Compass and Petit Verdot sometime later in 2018. We’ll let club members and wine enthusiasts know ahead of time for those of you who want to order your cases and have them delivered to your door or have them set aside for pickup. Just send us an email! vinAmité has a unique and interesting portfolio of wines to accompany your tastes and needs throughout the Holiday season. A wide and varied selection of six wines, while supplies last, are still available so order your selections soon before the Christmas rush. The choices available right now from three whites and three reds:2016 Pinot Gris,2015 Chardonnay,2016 Chanson d’amour white blend;2016 Gamay Noir,2015 Hidden Corner and2015 Petit Claret red blends. Together, they offer an outstanding choice of vinAmité’s hand-crafted wines for everyone and for every occasion!         

The vinAmité  Post

Issue 10