Five years old and just getting started.  Time has passed quickly since our last posting. Events move quickly at this time of year on all levels of activity at the winery, the wine lounge and all manner of local events and wine festivals. As of now, our three white wines and five red wines are once again available for purchase. The reds of course, can do with a little more time in the bottle to rest, but take a sip of, for example the new Compass, and you might forget everything you know about aging beyond this point and just have at it. This year’s Chanson d’amour white wine is an amazing treat in a wine bottle, almost to the lip-smacking level of a deliciously aromatic bomb that explodes in your nose and on your tongue. It’s crazy good! For the serious Chardonnay drinker—and we know who you are—our new oaked vintage will satisfy all those familiar cravings. Remember that old Medieval word ‘amité’: balance and harmony, that’s our vinAmité Chardonnay, and the philosophy behind all our wines. It’s been a great vintage for our Pinot Gris and its followers as well, very tasty, very fresh. Get it while it’s hot (outside). In the five years since we launched our Gamay Noir as an homage to Beaujolais, vinAmité style, we have earned much recognition and a loyal following. I can honestly say, this vintage about to be released is nothing short of phenomenal. Drink it now to know what you’ve got, but put some aside. This isn’t anything close to that marketing ploy called Beaujolais Nouveau. I’m still enjoying our Gamay of four vintages ago and we’re only five years old. Enough said. As for The Trinity, our three red blends, Petit Claret, Compass, and Hidden Corner, they are back together again, an amazing threesome. These are three distinct blends of varying complexity with character and personality all their own and dare I say it again, better than ever in every measure. Last but certainly not least is our rare single varietal Petit Verdot, back on the shelf after too long an absence for so many of you who enjoy this wonderful wine now and also tucked away for another day. It can only get better all by itself, just like The Trinity. You might have seen the new teaser visual in the Wines section of the website. As I mentioned in my last post, we will be introducing Ouest, (French for ‘west’ and pronounced exactly the same). Ouest is our first fortified wine, in the traditional style of Port with no shortcuts and no sugar additive. We crafted it the old way, using our estate Cabernet Sauvignon wine to distill it into alcohol, leaving in some of its telltale taste. A year later, we added this distilled alcohol to a new blend in the making of our Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah created specifically for the port, then stored the wine in five French oak barrels. Only one of these barrels was bottled for this season; this one has been aged for three years in its barrel in a dark corner of the barrel room, plus it’s unfiltered. Given its small quantity, Ouest is only available at the winery. As soon as our cars were seen in the parking lot, our wine friends began their visits, not taking the ‘Closed’ sign for an answer, knocking happily on our door. What a great way to start the new year! We’re now fully staffed with wonderful people and serving daily. Since the sun came out, the awning has been unfurled and people are enjoying sitting on the back terrace. Le marché, our deli counter, is stocking up with our own selection of saucisson sec made with vinAmité wines, terrines, cheeses, dried and wine-soaked cherries, jellies and other delights not found elsewhere. Soon our kitchen will be open, serving our famous Appetizer Platter and fun Cheese Platter. So drop by and visit! If you’re out of town, or if you’re a member of the vinAmité Private Wine Club or want to join, just email us at and we’ll get you ready for the season selected from our award-winning portfolio of carefully crafted wines. Don’t forget, We’re Hiding In Plain Sight. And we believe, Small Is The New Big. These two mottos have been with us now for all of our five years. Time does fly by in Wine Country.         

Five years

old and just getting started.