The vinAmité PostIssue 9 - Sept 6 Like that old song went, ‘those lazy hazy crazy days of summer’ may be behind us as we roll into September, but there is one correction to be made: there were no lazy days for us at vinAmité. For the first time, we were able to make enough wine to satisfy the demand, with an expanded selection for each of our eight fine wines, to satisfy demand through those busy summer months, with more than enough of these wines to age comfortably in the bottle over the quiet months of the new year. The season for wine enthusiasts is far from over, taking us easily through September and October. Compared to our first two vintages, we are gratified to tell our vinAmité Private Wine Club members that their wines are still available on a priority basis, and can be ordered now and through the Holidays. This will be a first for us, to have a good representation of our 2015 reds in stock as we head into 2018 to offer our discerning clientele. Meanwhile our 2016 reds are resting and aging comfortably in the cool dark confines of the Barrel Room. This vintage, 2017, is still on the vine and coming along nicely, having transitioned through veraison and now going through its final stages of development before harvest. Although we have yet to do our projections for each of the nine different varieties of grapes, ripening at different times, it appears that the Orange Muscat will be first off the vines into our first crush of the season later this month. The other eight varieties will most likely come off the vines throughout October as in years past with the possible exception of our estate Pinot Gris on the heels of the Orange Muscat. It isn’t often that you’ll find a boutique winery of our small size making eight distinct wines, each a stand-alone success in its own right, all with the same level of quality grapes, balance and taste, sharing a commonality: consistent workmanship and craft that can be measured through each of our eight offerings. Why do we go to so much trouble when others, much larger than us, offer a more limited selection? Because we enjoy wine. We enjoy each wine we make; they all have their own personalities and character. To each his own, chaqu’un son goūt! As the heat of the summer subsides in a more comfortable outside temperature, The Terrace will come to life with offerings of local sausage and ribs prepared on the grill to accompany a glass of your favourite wine. Our grill wears many hats like all of us here: it’s also a smoker, an oven, a gas stove and a rotisserie, so be prepared to take in the aroma of smouldering wood chips as we get into cooler days and we stoke your appetite for fresh-off-the-grill nibbles and a great glass, or bottle, of your favourite vinAmité!        

The vinAmité  Post

Issue 9